Thursday 14 th October 2004

Note of Concern

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to inform you that I personally think that the sickle cell support team in St George's Hospital is inaccessible to Merton inhabitants. This is because the sickle cell nurse , Stephanie Suleiman, only covers the sickle cell people in Wandsworth, and I live in Merton which makes it difficult for people who live in Merton, and Stephanie, as we don't get information packs which cover our side so therefore we are unable to benefit from what is rightful ours. (E.g. they get more financial and more support groups which helps them with any problems they have in the sickle area and other areas.) I think that if another team of sickle cell nurses was produced to cover Merton, I think this would make life easier for us and Stephanie. Another thing that bothers me is that Wandsworth get more things to apply for.

Venessa Oyih

Age 15

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- This letter was sent to the Primary Care Trust (PCT) by MSCTG
- Precious Boakye - Age 8