Events - YPPSG Saturday 2nd April 2005


Young People Peer Support Group 2nd April 2005


On this beautiful spring Saturday Eula and I could not decide if the sun was shinning brighter outside the building or inside, where we had a room packed full of our dazzling enthusiastic Young People. Thank you to everyone who attended and to all the lovely parents who were very good sports in trying to learn new tricks. *smiles*


Thank you to Ife from Black Angles who came along on the day too, to speak to our Young People about the “Black Angels Community Project” which is now recruiting young people aged 16-19 to train as peer educators.  Black Angels specialises in empowering young people to create works of art that express their identity positively. This training is part of there on going commitment to young people enabling them to acquire transferable skills to gain employment or develop their creative skills. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Pablo Imani at

Our afternoon at Merton Sickle Cell & Thalassaemia's YPPSG began with the roles being reversed, as the YPPSG supported us adults in learning how to follow in the latest fashionable hobby of making “Scobey doo's”. A great big thank you to Mojere, Daniel, Wayel and Venssa for being teachers on the day! As you can see my effort for the day is now being proudly displayed on my car keys, *errrrr* I made the simple black and white Scobey Doo, thank you to Jordan and Shane for my gift of the much more beautiful and sophisticated pastel coloured Scobey doo.


I honestly believe that the YPPSG felt just as empowered teaching us “old folks” how to follow their treads as we did learning from them. I think I speak for Eula, Claudine, Ruth, Teresa and Stephen as I say that it was a liberating challenge! Presious's question whilst watching us “old people” struggle with learning something new, pretty much sums up how hard we all work that afternoon…. “Didn't they have Scobey Doos in the Olden Days?!”.












After flexing our mental muscle it was time to get physical, the MSCTG Treasurer Ronnie Tinubu who is also a Children's Entertainer came in to continue with the atmosphere of Party games. Esther was particularly accurate with pinning the tale on the donkey as was Antonia & Micheal.



The fun continued with musical statues, where I seem to remember a very wobbly, Daniel and David Mukarbie, Ayola, Yetunde and Brian!! However everyone was a great sport and took part. A personal message to Ronnie, I don't think you noticed but you even had the grown ups taking part, I'm sure I saw Teresa and Eula swinging there hips every time the music got going! Your participation was fabulous!





















I thoroughly enjoyed the day and I'm pretty sure by the smiles on everyone's faces as they were leaving I wasn't the only one. Or maybe they were just happy with their prizes? Who knows?

Look forward to seeing you all next time!!

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