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Merton Sickle Cell & Thalassaemia Group

Merton Sickle Cell & Thalassaemia Group (MSCTG) has been established since 1991 it is the only group of its kind in the London Borough of Merton which offers information and support to people suffering from Sickle Cell Anaemia and Thalassaemia Disorders.

Main Services

  • Welfare Benefit Surgery in partnership with Disability Alliance Merton (DAM)
  • Residential Scheme
  • Young Peoples Peer Support Group
  • Carers Support Group
  • Respite for Carers
  • Counselling in partnership with Action for Independence in Merton (AIM)
  • Laptop Scheme


  • Respite schemes
  • Carers Support
  • Young Carers
  • Housing and Social Services


  • Seminars
  • Presentations
  • Representations
  • Displays
  • Networking
  • Partnership work

MSCTG provides support, advice information and friendship to sufferers and continues to campaign to raise the awareness of Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia. We strive to influence changes in the service provision and treatment of these life threatening disorders. We are working towards increasing recognition for carers & gaining educational support for our youth who miss out on vital lessons at school and college because of frequent absences.

Mission Statement


‘The Group's mission is to support and care for individuals, families and carers living with Sickle Cell Anaemia and/ or Thalassaemia disorders.


We will realise our mission by working empathically to empower individuals to obtain the necessary services, thus, enabling those individuals to live to their full potential.'

MSCTG is currently the only source of external support and information service for Merton residents suffering from Sickle Cell Anaemia or Thalassaemia Disorders. There are currently no specialist counselling or information services provided by the Primary Care Trust for individuals or families living with or affected by this illness. Our future long term goals are to work independently, but not in isolation, to provide services to fill the voids, such as providing specialised Haemoglobinopathy counsellors for users. This is a vital component for helping sufferers come to terms with their illness. Although we are under resourced, we are still providing a level of counselling support in partnership with other organisations.

We aim to continue to create further partnerships to support our members. We would like to continue to make successful referrals to other voluntary organisations who offer appropriate services, for example counselling needs supported by Action for Independence in Merton (AIM) and welfare benefit advice provided by Disability Alliance Merton (DAM).


Merton Sickle Cell & Thalassaemia Group is working towards equal opportunies in regard to employees, members and volunteers, to ensure that equality of opportunities is afforded to all, regardless of their ethnic origin, sexuality, gender, marital status, disability or age.

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